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You are aware that hiring a new employee is a dangerous procedure that needs a lot of resources. To ensure that these fees end up being a wise investment rather than a money-pit nightmare, you must also choose a trustworthy background check business along with training and compensation costs. The key to having this procedure run well is to do a record search using one of the top background check websites accessible.

A background check fraud website exists for every reliable, trustworthy, and accurate pre-employment screening provider. We have put together a list of the top background check websites available since we don’t want you to waste your valuable time and money on getting scammed. Before you make any HR choices, using one of these services will ensure that you have access to the most reliable and correct information.

So, let’s first discover more about what a background check is in detail before moving on to the list.

What Is a Background Check?

Background checks are a method for confirming that a person is who they claim to be. An individual’s criminal, job, financial, and educational records, as well as other paperwork, are used in this procedure. A background check is often conducted by companies after a job applicant has submitted an application or before to making an employment offer. An employer requires the person’s permission, together with their date of birth, social security number, and current address, to do a background investigation.

A wide range of factors, including social media activity, driving records, and drug tests, might be included in employment background checks. Be aware that the regulations governing background checks vary between states.

The 15 Best Background Check Services

Here are the businesses who, according to our study, offer the finest websites for doing background checks on potential workers.

Using the following options, you may conduct a trustworthy search for any criminal history and thoroughly screening new hires before hiring:

1.      Background Report

For consumers who wish to begin and complete the full background check procedure online, Background Report offers a simple, do-it-yourself solution.

This service is intended to be inclusive, enabling job candidates to view findings, offer criticism, and contest or otherwise clarify them as needed. Background Report’s entry-level background checks cost $19.95.

2.      Accurate Now

Next, Accurate Now provides small and medium-sized enterprises with computerized background checks

The business offers simple pricing that runs from $29.95 for a basic report to $74.95 for a premium study, as well as US-based service.


California-based For company owners that want pre-employment screening services, GoodHire provides a hassle-free web gateway.

The company has won awards for their user-friendly interface and superior customer support. Pricing options from GoodHire include quotes and packages.

3.      Employment Screening Resources

Lester Rosen, a lawyer for employers, launched Employment Screening Resources (ESR) in 1997.

With headquarters in San Francisco, ESR offers U.S.-based data processing to supply their services and has leadership knowledgeable in hiring and labor legislation. For pricing, you’ll need to contact the ESR sales team directly.

4.      HireRight

HireRight, a top-rated background check website, can process applications in 20 languages and provides pre-employment screening in more than 240 countries and territories.

There are a variety of interfaces available for current e-recruiting programmed on the HireRight platform.

5.      IntelliCorp

Intellicorp offers a comprehensive selection of the top background check services and will collaborate with you to design a programmed that satisfies your organization’s requirements.

You also have access to an online learning center with a wealth of resources through IntelliCorp to support you in maintaining compliance with your hiring processes.

6.      Verified Credentials

Another top option is Verified Credentials, which provides both personal and commercial background check services.

The personal background check is useful for people who want to know what information is displayed when a potential employer looks into their background. Basic background checks start at $32.

7.      Justifacts

Since 1982, Justifacts has offered pre-employment screening services to both small enterprises and large corporations.

An account manager is provided to each Justifacts customer to assist in customizing the screening procedure and deciphering report findings

8.      InfoMart

Infomart, a Marietta, Georgia-based company, assists clients in creating sector-specific pre-employment screening processes. Verifications, credit history checks, and background checks are among the services offered.

Even your vendors and any interns you want to recruit will have their backgrounds checked by them.

9.      Checkr

Checkr, a more recent company, has emerged as the preferred option for many IT businesses, both large and small.

The business is an automated, mobile-friendly platform that is ideally equipped to manage both full-time employees and freelancers.

10.  Onfido

Consider using something like Onfido if you anticipate rapid expansion for your company.

This firm not only does background checks for the US and the UK, but also integrates on-boarding into their automated platform.

11.  Trusted Employees

Trusted Workers is a Minnesota-based background check company that complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and has been around for 20 years.

Their team of specialists collaborates with proprietors of small businesses to create background checks that are unique to the sector, nature of the organization, and job being filled. Background investigations begin at $29.95.

12.  Asurint

Asurint, a background check company situated in Cleveland, provides background check services and onboarding options customized to your company’s requirements.

They also have a committed customer support team on hand to help with any problems.


The background check services from include individualized help that gives you responses to your inquiries about compliance, data, and next actions.

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Four different background check packages, ranging in price from $29.95 to $199.95, are available through the service.

14.  SterlingOne

SterlingOne has access to over 2,300 county court records utilizing proprietary data, specializing in criminal background checks. SterlingOne provides court runners who will go to the actual courtroom to obtain documents when it is not readily available digitally.

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